The end of a busy week

We were thrilled to be able to present at 2 churches this past week! Our sending church, Grace Baptist Church, had a missions conference from Saturday-Wednesday. Another church, First Baptist of Pikeville, invited us to present our ministry on Sunday night.
It was a little strange to pack up our display table in the middle of the missions conference at Grace Baptist, but we're glad we did. The people at the church in Pikeville were very friendly and it was a joy to meet the other missionary families who were also there for the church's Missions Sunday. We gave our testimonies, showed our presentation video, I sang while Andrew played guitar, and then Andrew spoke from Titus about training up national leaders.

We're getting really excited about our survey trip that's coming up in January. One of the missionaries who is working with BATA (The Baptist Academy of Theology in Africa) hopes to meet with us over there and discuss pastoral training in Togo. The more I think about it the more important training nationals becomes to me.

The trip is fully funded and we bought our airline tickets!!! Praise the Lord for being the Great Provider! Now, to apply for the visa and pray it doesn't take long for them to process!