Survey Trip- Update 4

Thankfully my voice returned by this morning. I saw (and killed) my first mosquito in the middle of the night. So far I've only been bit once, which surprises me. I cover myself in DEET every morning knowing how attractive mosquitoes usually find me. Since it's the dry season here, though, there aren't as many around.

We visited the Be Christian school this morning. From there, Kujoji and Joseph Akakpo accompanied us to the public school. Joseph is national who is also with ABWE. We really enjoyed getting to know him better and look forward to working with him when we return.

We drove by the Atlantic Ocean in the afternoon. The road is pretty far removed from the beach. We had dessert after lunch- ICE CREAM CREPES. Absolutely delicious!

We returned to the customs office to pick up our passports. It was not as easy as we assumed it would be. There was a crowd of 20 people at a table. Two officers had a box of foreign and Togolese passports. The first officer picked through each of them calling out the names of their owners. If the person was present he placed the passport in another stack. The second officer took from the top of the stack- (meaning that if you were called first, you got your passport last.) He called the person’s name again and had them sign a book. They were then free to take their passport. This wasn’t too bad, except that the first officer occasionally went through his box again and placed the newly arrived owners’ passports on TOP of ours! It took an hour for us to get our passports, since we were one of the first called. Lesson learned- sometimes it’s better to come late!!! It was very difficult to be patient with this method. I heard a British lady complaining behind me. If I had allowed my mouth to open I would have sounded just as mean. Lord, grant me a gentle and patient spirit!

We went back to the hotel and had dinner. Then Andrew and Bea left for a wake of Sarah, a former teacher at a Christian school. Andrew said it was very similar to an American funeral service.