Survey Trip- Update 6 (Sunday & Monday)


Our 2nd Sunday in Togo we attended the Tsiko church. This church uses drums and we sat right next to the brass players. They were really loud!

There were two different choirs, one on each side of the platform and each sang a special. During the specials, many women of the church danced down the aisle and dropped an offering in the basket at the front of the church. I sooooo wanted to follow the line of women down the aisle. . . I’ll have to stop being so self-conscious when we move!

Andrew and I played a combination of Because He Lives, and Amazing Grace on borrowed instruments and then he preached on Ruth chapter 1.

The missionaries living on the hospital compound get together every Sunday night for a service. Andrew preached Ruth chapter 2 and we played another special number.

We visited four classes at the public school in Zongo this morning. We drove by two mosques on our way there. Some of the spots on the road were was pretty hard on the car. At the school I was told that one of the 2nd grade teachers beats his wife and children and is generally a very angry man. Why someone like that would want to be a teacher is pretty amazing, but in Togo people become teachers just for the income. We saw the 1st grade teacher hit several students. She got frustrated because the class was out of control and resorted to the only form of discipline she knew.

One of the teachers at this school taught Roger when he was a boy. He talked with his old teacher and told us that the man had beat him many times. I don't know how Roger feels about the teacher now.

We had to cross this bridge to get to and from the school. It was very sturdy. You can also see mud bricks drying in the sun in the corner of the picture.

We drove to La Lumier where Roger is the Principal. He gave us an interview that we could use in our presentations to churches. We observed two classrooms. Bea told me at one point during our trip that African children are all beautiful. She's right.

When we arrived back on the hospital compound Judy Bowen gave us a tour of the resource center. We picked up a big box of notepads we had ordered and bought postcards.