Survey Trip- Update 5 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Thursday morning we visited the Agbale Pedogan Christian school. There was a girl from Germany with a group giving assistance to Togolese Schools for a few months, I think. The group was all split up into different Lome Schools. The kids loved her. They also loved the camera!

We visited Concord supermarket and the Wards picked up groceries. They bought a lot of screw-in 60w light bulbs. Apparently, those aren’t always available. We stopped in the market for a few minutes and bought a ton of fruit. Then we started the drive north.

We reached Kpalime around 1pm and had lunch at Chez Fanny again (I had curry shrimp, gotta love my curry!!!), then we continued on to Tsiko. Laundry was the first thing we did when we arrived.


I felt sick (no need to go into details). Sorted through pictures and videos. Andrew cracked open a coconut for us. Even though I've lived in the tropics since I was 5, I'm still not a fan of coconut.

We also tasted some of the star fruit. Not bad.

It's National Liberation Day here, so the market everything is closed. Got to Skype with the boys!


Andrew felt sick (no need to go into details). Roger translated the answers for Andrew's teacher survey. Carissa Sherrit had dinner with us at the Ward's house. We practiced guitar and violin to play at church tomorrow.