Update 7- (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Today we got into Sharon Rahilly's car and drove back to Kpalime. On the way there I snapped this picture of this van. Too bad you can't see from this picture how many passengers there were.

Dave & Doris Totman, Geuntan(a Togolese), Jim Gerhart, and Sharon were holding a BATA (Baptist Academy of Theology in Africa) meeting to which they invited us. It was interesting to observe and hear them fine tune what we want it to look like. BATA is still being developed to offer bachelor's degrees. There are currently 2 students taking BATA classes in Ghana.

Before we left, Patience, the seamstress, delivered the clothes we had made.

We got back to Tsiko around 2pm and napped, naturally.

Judy Bowen and Sharon Rahilly had Kevin & Emily Hall and us over for dinner. Our first homemade TOGOLESE food! It was great!

We met a few of the Mango Team missionaries this morning as they were all assembling for Togo Team Meetings on the Hospital Compound. Then, our ride arrived and we, along with Emily & Kevin, began the long drive to Accra, Ghana. We stopped at Choice's Hotel and had lunch. Choice (yes, the real Choice) came out to our vehicle to see us off. His first name is Emmanueland when he heard we have an Emmanuel he was so happy that he gave us a 2 stringed guitar thingy for our son! Manny loved it. [Remind me to superglue it back together.]

We got to the airport at 4pm, but couldn't check in till 7. Our flight left at 11pm. The wait didn't seem to long. We ate dinner at a restaurant in the airport. Emigration took a long time. The flight over the Atlantic seemed quick because we slept through most of it. Forgot my m&ms in Togo, so I didn't have a travel snack. I'm hope someone enjoyed them.

Back in Chattanooga, the boys seemed to have hardly missed us. Except for Cyrus who took to nursing again like a champ! Manny opens doors now! Cyrus has two teeth! 15 days really makes a difference in children so young. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would on our trip. I was kept busy. I don't ever want to leave them for two long weeks again. Not ever. Not when they're 2 or 20. Okay, well, maybe when they turn 20. . .