The Story of His Glory!

This past week has been one of great encouragement for us. We participated in the missionsconference at Mile Straight Baptist Church, Soddy Daisy, TN. Since we live in Chattanooga we got to spend the nights in our own beds!

On Sunday Andrew and I talked about Togo in Kidzworld(Sunday School), and we were able to give our testimonies to the entire church family during the evening service. On Tuesday night we showed our ministry presentation video and Andrew talked some more about our passion for Togo. I was able to just pour my heart out at the ladies' luncheon.

This church family just made us feel soooo welcome. One of the ladies of the church treated all the missionary wives to pedicures! Another lady gave us all haircuts- Cyrus' first! I was sure to save a clip of his hair for the scrapbook I'll make 10(?) years from now.

It's was hard for me to believe that God could make me feel any more excited about Togo and encouraged by other believers, but He did!