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Hauling Stuff

About once a year we are recruited by Harry & Bea Ward to gather, package, and transport supplies for shipment to Togo.  One year Andrew drove a load all the way up to Michigan.  Last week we took a trailer full of computers and educational supplies to Greenville, SC.  Those boxes will be loaded onto a container which should be headed to Togo by next week.  From there the boxes will travel North to Adeta where the Wards live.  Their little house will be packed with boxes until they can sort through it all.  Bea will distribute the educational materials amongst the Christian Elementary schools.  Harry will work to restore the computers and then give them to national pastors and church leaders who will use them in their ministries. Even though it's huge undertaking to prepare the shipments each year, we feel privileged to already be a part of the ministry in Togo!