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Togo: Why We're Going (2)

To God from Idols

I doubt if any of you have ever been to an idol burning service, like the one Sharon Rahilly attended this week.  Sharon is a missionary nurse in Togo and sent us these pictures.

Three men from the village of Kpetagan, Togo professed Christ and wanted to publicly burn their idols!  The first two men had several idols and burned them near the local school where this small church meets right now.  This was a testimony to the entire village that the men had   "turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God (I Thess 1:9). 

The other man owned many different idols.  He led the group of Christians from the school to his home and laid out his idols outside of his house.  Then he explained the purpose for each of them: anything from healing snakebites, matchmaking!  He shared a wonderful testimony of how God had saved him from fear and hopelessness of the life he had lived.  Now he has the peace of God and assurance that his sins are forgiven!  

We can't wait to be a part of …

Why We're going (1)

Watch the video below to find out why we're going to Togo, West Africa.