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Grace Baptist Tabernacle

Grace Baptist Tabernacle this past Sunday-Wednesday evenings. The services started at 7pm and never got out before 9:10pm.  On Sunday night we showed our ministry video and Andrew talked for a few minutes about what we'll be doing in Togo.  
On Monday night I sang and Andrew played guitar for me.  Since they didn't have nursery worker scheduled, I had to figure out what to do with Cyrus.  Let him roam free?!  Hold him while I sang?  At the last second I asked for a volunteer to hold Cyrus while I sang.  One of the choir members in the front row gladly held him.  I imagined him screaming during the entire song, but he was soooo good for her!  We left Manny sitting on a pew playing a quiet game on my old Ally phone.  

On Tuesday night the church had a fellowship dinner before the service.  During the service Andrew gave a 15 minute talk from Titus 1 and we also played a guitar-violin duet.  Before we went up to play I passed Cyrus to Calvert Dixon, a missionary friend of ours.  Cy…

Togo: Building the Church

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