Grace Baptist Tabernacle

Grace Baptist Tabernacle this past Sunday-Wednesday evenings. The services started at 7pm and never got out before 9:10pm.  On Sunday night we showed our ministry video and Andrew talked for a few minutes about what we'll be doing in Togo.  

On Monday night I sang and Andrew played guitar for me.  Since they didn't have nursery worker scheduled, I had to figure out what to do with Cyrus.  Let him roam free?!  Hold him while I sang?  At the last second I asked for a volunteer to hold Cyrus while I sang.  One of the choir members in the front row gladly held him.  I imagined him screaming during the entire song, but he was soooo good for her!  We left Manny sitting on a pew playing a quiet game on my old Ally phone.  

On Tuesday night the church had a fellowship dinner before the service.  During the service Andrew gave a 15 minute talk from Titus 1 and we also played a guitar-violin duet.  Before we went up to play I passed Cyrus to Calvert Dixon, a missionary friend of ours.  Cyrus loved Calvert and Manny never even noticed we had left him on the pew again! 

The boys were pretty good during most of the services, but they never made it 5 minutes into the sermon.  By the time the main sermon started our toy bag was old news.  Thankfully, there was a nice nursery downstairs, so they were able to spend their energy while I listened to the sermons through the speaker.

We're thankful to have continued opportunities to spread the news about what God is doing in Togo!  And I, in particular, am exited that my boys are experiencing some of the same things that I did as an MK!