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His thoughts are not our thoughts!

Over the last few weeks we've seen some amazing answers to our specific prayers for financial partners. Three particular partners have joined us to make up parts of $50 and $100 stones!  The thing that really gets us is that they were not even people whom we were thinking of to partner with us!  God is really showing us that He has all of our financial partners picked out already regardless of our plans.  He says in Isaiah 55:8, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts" and He keeps proving it over and over again.
 We're still praying, more than daily, that God will continue to bring people along our path who will adopt our heart for Togo.  Our real purpose, though, is to connect believers with the blessing, the joy, and the eternal reward of becoming the expression of Christ to the Nations!

From August to August!

This has been one action packed year!  We started our journey to Togo last August after ABWE appointed us as missionaries in July, 2011. Here we go into our second year of raising partners for our ministry in Togo!  Please pray for us! 
Here's a breakdown of what the last year had for us.
August-December-  Andrew worked at Costco full-time and took 2 doctoral level classes at UTC.  I tried to keep my wits together raising two boys under 2 years old.  We had just become a one-vehicle family, so I mostly stayed home with the boys.  We had a few church meetings and prepared for our survey trip to Togo.

January- Andrew and I left the boys with his older sister and headed to Togo, West Africa.  We were there for 2 weeks.  I regained some of my sanity.  We met a lot of people and saw first hand the great need for Christian Education in Togo.

January-April- Andrew took 2 more classes at UTC and continued to work fulltime at Costco.  We gave our presentation countless times and visited man…