Florida Trip

Outside Starkey Road
Baptist Church
We just made it back home from a long trip to Florida.  Our travels took us from Chattanooga, Tampa, Naples, Miami, Deerfield Beach, Daytona Beach, and finally back to Chattanooga.

We left our house at 4am on Sunday morning arrived in Tampa in time for the evening service at Starkey Road Baptist Church.  Andrew and I gave our testimonies at the church on Wednesday night and we were able to share our vision and goals for Togo.

8 years and 2 kids later
On Thursday morning we drove down to Naples, to visit my grandparents.  It was a Thanksgiving day, eight years ago that Andrew and I were engaged on THIS BEACH during a sunset- just like this one.  We hadn't been back down to Naples since then, so we really enjoyed reminiscing about that special evening.

We arrived at my other grandparent's home in Miami on Saturday, and spent Sunday morning with Southwest Community Church.   I had forgotten how friendly the church family at SWCC is.  They made us feel sooo welcome.

We arrived at First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake just in time for the service on Sunday night.  Guess what?  After 8 years, Pastor Mortensen recognized my face from his place on the platform!  He asked Andrew to give an update about where we are in prefield.  It is such a blessing to have long-term friends.

Chasing the pigeons
Kissing his Aunt's doggie
One of our greatest blessings from the trip was to visit some of our family members whom we'd never met, two of my sons' youngest cousins!  We spent some windy time on the beach with them on Wednesday.

That same day we drove up to Daytona Beach and visited Crosswalk Church during the evening service.  Again, we shared our passion for Christian Education of the pastors and teachers in Togo.

Playing in the F16
The Globemaster II
On the way home on Thursday we stopped at Robin's Air Force Base near Macon, GA.  We all enjoyed fiddling around in the F16, and of course, we had to see the Globemaster II that my Grandpa Colon worked on when he was in the service.

All in all it was a fruitful, pleasant, and smooth trip!  I was expecting grumpy babies from missed naps, but the boys slept great!  Thank you, Lord, for your provision!