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Andrew and I have been working as children and youth leaders in our sending church, Grace Baptist Church, and we are enjoying it sooo much!  This morning I taught a group of 19 3-5 yr olds during church. My voice is worn out, but my heart is full.  I love each one of them.  Andrew was able to teach Romans 15 to the children's church kids at the same time.  We're thankful for these teaching and discipleship experiences.  They are keeping our minds sharp and our hearts tender for the work we will be doing in Togo!
Thankful for Grandparents!  Harry & Bea Ward have been back from Togo since October 22nd.  It's been so wonderful to be able to take advantage of the free babysitting, but also just the EASY access to them!  Skype is just not the same as an across the table chat.

The last month has brought us to 40% of our needed monthly funding!  We've seen the side of the church building below when it was empty of stones.  Now it is almost halfway completed!  We've lov…