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Notre témoignage en Francais

Here is the presentation that we shared in chapel this morning.  All in French.  Here is the youtube link, if it doesn't work on this page:

French Class Pics

This coming Monday marks the end of our Fall Break.  Back to the grindstone!  Here are some pictures of our French class and how we study at home! 

We're so thankful for the good health we've all had so far this semester.  Please pray that God will continue to keep us healthy through our classes!

Walks in the woods, Apple picking

It keeps amazing me how many Togolese live in Sherbrooke!  A Togolese family attends our church and this morning the invited chapel speaker was a local pastor who is an immigrant from Togo.  We were excited to discover that we not only understood him, but we understood him better than Québécois (French spoken by a Quebec resident)!  Provided the Togolese speak French with as much clarity as he did this morning, we're in great shape!  Andrew says he understood about 90% of what he heard.  Of course, comprehension and communication are two different things.  We still have much work to do to improve our spoken French.

Last Wednesday all of the French students (8 in all) took a field trip to an apple orchard.  It was our first time apple picking, and while it was cold enough to make my toes hurt, we enjoyed it.  Next time I'll make sure to double my socks! 

I(Mary) take a lot of walks in the woods with the boys.  I keep seeing these little fruits, but I'm not sure if I can eat t…

Made it to Quebec!

We've made it safely to Sherbrooke, Quebec!  We arrived on campus of Parole de Vie Bethel and are getting settled before classes begin next week.  We want to be fully prepared to work with the Togolese in the French language, so we'll study full-time in Quebec until we can pass our language proficiency test before we go to Togo.

I (Andrew) am amazed at the similarities between here and Montpellier, France, where I studied French with my parents. Quebec is certainly a mix of cultures; this is where Europe meets North America.

Doing everyday things take a little longer and are a little more complicated for us because everything is in French. So far, we've used our French while attending church, shopping for winter clothes, completing a transaction at the post office, and buying groceries.

Sometimes, when we've spoken to someone in town in French, they will notice that our language skills are not great and will answer us in English. This is helpful to us in the short-ter…


This Sunday, August 4th, we were commissioned through our sending church, Grace Baptist Church.  It was a great time of encouragement to us as we prepare to leave for language school. 

You can watch the entire service on our youtube channel:

Please pray for us as we begin to pack for langauge school. We've been accepted to Parole de Vie Bethel in Sherbrooke, Quebec and will be driving up there in a little over a week.

Final preparations!

We've just entered what we pray will be our last month of pre-field!  God has brought us through so much over the last 2 years as we shared our passion for Christian education in Togo.  Even though we've had 2 years to prepare ourselves for final clearance, we still feel like we have much to do before we leave for language school.  
We have a 2 week long trip north planned.  We'll visit a partnering church in Western PA and then head to visit friends near NYC before we attend our last seminar at ABWE. We're so thankful that God provided us with a vehicle through one of our friends!

Our biggest need before we start language school is the remaining funds for our outfit and passage.  This includes language school fees, airline tickets, and a vehicle purchase when we arrive in Togo.  We still have a need of about $15,000 before we have final clearance.  If you're interested in contributing to this fund click here.

We are so excited to have our commissioning service co…

Only 2 stones left! . . . and van-less!

This is enough to give us goosebumps when we realize how much God has provided for us as we head to Togo.  There are only 2 stones left on the building visual that have not been claimed by ministry partners.  Please pray that God will provide the remainder of our needed funding.

This past week we were driving north when our van overheated near Roanoke, VA.  By the time 2am came around we were in a hotel, having had our van towed off the exit ramp to a nearby gas station.  The next day we found out that we were indeed stranded.  The van had reached almost 200,000 miles and was not worth fixing.  My parents picked us up and brought us back to Chattanooga.  Only 2 more months to go before we leave for language school.  We wonder why God allowed our van to die when we were so close to the end, but we're resting in the fact that He is always faithful.  We're waiting on Him to provide our transportation for the rest of our time in the states.

Outfit and Passage

We have 56% of our Outfit and Passage fund.  It's been amazing to see God provide for our every need and bring us halfway to our goal.  Please pray that He will provide the rest of our needed funds so we can make the transition to Togo!

Another Bridge to Cross

We've posted our June, 2013 prayer letter here.   Please continue to pray for us as we work towards our move to Togo!

passport applications!


Perfect timing

Dear Family of Believers, 

Praise the Lord! He's continued to provide our ministry with partners bringing us up to 88%!  On Friday afternoon we were still lacking about $200/month, but by Monday, God had brought us to 85% and we were able to register for the April Field Preparation Seminar at ABWE!  His timing is always perfect.

We have another goal for this next week that you can pray for:   100% by March 31st, 2013

·The Lord has brought us to 88% funding!
·The boys have been healthy during our travels so far.

Please Pray
·For our safety on the road.  This coming week we'll be driving to several places in south Florida and then up to Chattanooga, TN for Easter Sunday.
·That God would provide additional financial partners for the ministry. ·For our continued French studies.
Grace & Peace,
Andrew, Mary, Emmanuel & Cyrus

waiting, praying, trusting

God is bringing us along to our goal, and we trust that He will continue to bring along partners for the ministry in Togo.  We've reached the 82% mark this morning so we've almost made it to the point where we could attend the next training session at ABWE.  Would you join us in prayer that we'll be able to make this goal?

10 days left!


Parlez-vous français?

For the past 5 weeks Mary has been fully devoted to learning French through a local immersion class. It is amazing to see the progress she has made in such a short time. This week she will finish up the course and take her final exams.

I can't say that this French immersion course has been stress-free for the family. It has kept us all very busy, low on sleep, and tough on our health; but overall a very positive experience and God's grace shines though. Please pray that Mary will be able to recall what she has learned and that we will be able to capitalize on this advancement so we will be able to quickly meet the language requirements for going to Togo.
Just 5 short months ago we were at 25% of our needed monthly funds. I had just quit my job at Costco in order to pursue pre-field ministry full-time. At that time we had been trying to raise partners for just over 1 year.
Now, 5 months later, we've received verbal commitments that put us at 78%!!!
Thank you to all of you wh…

2013 here we come!

We've had lots of trips to the doctor over the last few weeks.  We all came down with upper respiratory infections.  Cyrus has had 3 different ear infections, hopefully on the mend finally!  Despite being sick over our Christmas vacation, we had some nice family time and visits with relatives.
We've got some big goals for 2013 that we crave your prayer for!  Mary's 6 week French course begins this coming Monday.  Please pray that she will be able to soak up as much of the language as possible!
Click here to read our January prayer letter!