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Parlez-vous français?

For the past 5 weeks Mary has been fully devoted to learning French through a local immersion class. It is amazing to see the progress she has made in such a short time. This week she will finish up the course and take her final exams.

I can't say that this French immersion course has been stress-free for the family. It has kept us all very busy, low on sleep, and tough on our health; but overall a very positive experience and God's grace shines though. Please pray that Mary will be able to recall what she has learned and that we will be able to capitalize on this advancement so we will be able to quickly meet the language requirements for going to Togo.
Just 5 short months ago we were at 25% of our needed monthly funds. I had just quit my job at Costco in order to pursue pre-field ministry full-time. At that time we had been trying to raise partners for just over 1 year.
Now, 5 months later, we've received verbal commitments that put us at 78%!!!
Thank you to all of you wh…