Perfect timing

Dear Family of Believers, 

Praise the Lord! He's continued to provide our ministry with partners bringing us up to 88%!  On Friday afternoon we were still lacking about $200/month, but by Monday, God had brought us to 85% and we were able to register for the April Field Preparation Seminar at ABWE!  His timing is always perfect.

We have another goal for this next week that you can pray for:   100% by March 31st, 2013

·The Lord has brought us to 88% funding!
·The boys have been healthy during our travels so far.

Please Pray
·For our safety on the road.  This coming week we'll be driving to several places in south Florida and then up to Chattanooga, TN for Easter Sunday.
·That God would provide additional financial partners for the ministry.
·For our continued French studies.

Grace & Peace,
Andrew, Mary, Emmanuel & Cyrus