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Only 2 stones left! . . . and van-less!

This is enough to give us goosebumps when we realize how much God has provided for us as we head to Togo.  There are only 2 stones left on the building visual that have not been claimed by ministry partners.  Please pray that God will provide the remainder of our needed funding.

This past week we were driving north when our van overheated near Roanoke, VA.  By the time 2am came around we were in a hotel, having had our van towed off the exit ramp to a nearby gas station.  The next day we found out that we were indeed stranded.  The van had reached almost 200,000 miles and was not worth fixing.  My parents picked us up and brought us back to Chattanooga.  Only 2 more months to go before we leave for language school.  We wonder why God allowed our van to die when we were so close to the end, but we're resting in the fact that He is always faithful.  We're waiting on Him to provide our transportation for the rest of our time in the states.

Outfit and Passage

We have 56% of our Outfit and Passage fund.  It's been amazing to see God provide for our every need and bring us halfway to our goal.  Please pray that He will provide the rest of our needed funds so we can make the transition to Togo!

Another Bridge to Cross

We've posted our June, 2013 prayer letter here.   Please continue to pray for us as we work towards our move to Togo!