Made it to Quebec!

We've made it safely to Sherbrooke, Quebec!  We arrived on campus of Parole de Vie Bethel and are getting settled before classes begin next week.  We want to be fully prepared to work with the Togolese in the French language, so we'll study full-time in Quebec until we can pass our language proficiency test before we go to Togo.

I (Andrew) am amazed at the similarities between here and Montpellier, France, where I studied French with my parents. Quebec is certainly a mix of cultures; this is where Europe meets North America.

Doing everyday things take a little longer and are a little more complicated for us because everything is in French. So far, we've used our French while attending church, shopping for winter clothes, completing a transaction at the post office, and buying groceries.

Sometimes, when we've spoken to someone in town in French, they will notice that our language skills are not great and will answer us in English. This is helpful to us in the short-term, but doesn't help us practice our language skills. We want people to speak to us in French even though we don't fully understand them!  Please pray that we learn French quickly as we'll begin our classes next week!

Here are our kids standing in front of our apartment building.  Our apartment is on the bottom left and their daycare is on the bottom right.  We're glad they will be able to be together in a small group of kids with a babysitter.