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Sweet Fellowship

One of the greatest joys we've experienced during our time here at Parole de Vie has been the sweet fellowship with fellow missionaries.
We like to look at the very first picture that was taken of us all together and compare it to a more recent photo.  Notice how far apart from each other we are standing in photo #1 compared to photo #2?                                                                                                                     ↓ We get together for a meal most weekends.  One Sunday we all made crêpes.  Good food generally brings people closer together.  We've gone on numerous outings together.  Apple picking, visiting a museum of Sherbrooke, Maple Syrup Shack, the library, various restaurants, and several ladies' conferences. In December, the kids (meaning me and another mom, because the kids lost interest) made gingerbread ornaments together.  I hung them in our apartment, and the smell of the cinnamon generally helped the smell of potty traini…