Christian school construction 2014

Digging the foundation in Tsiko
We are constructing 2 new Christian school buildings this year. And by "we" I mean that I am taking pictures and keeping track of the finances on a spreadsheet while John Teusink and his crews do the real work. We wouldn't be able to have Christian schools without the Teusinks and their ministry here in Togo. Truly God has provided all the people we have needed for this ministry to succeed: Roger, Koudjodji, Christy Sopcisak, Anne Miller, the Teusinks, CWE, my parents, and all the other pastors, administrators, and teachers. As we continue to grow we need many others to join with us but we know that God will provide, not only the finances, but the people who will work to spread the gospel and make disciples through this Christian school ministry in Togo.

Poured foundation at Tsiko
The Jr. High school in Tsiko is finally receiving it's own building after sharing facilities with the elementary school for 3 years. This year they needed their own building in order to serve the number of kids they will be teaching in the 4 grade levels of the French Jr. High system. When this new building opens it will already be operating at full capacity. The next step is for the Adeta/Tsiko area to start a Christian High school. That is what Roger is pushing to do. He has such a heart for these students he can't stand to see them go through many years at our schools then have to switch to the government schools to finish their education. Of course, we don't have a building, teachers, or curriculum for a High school right now, but 3 years ago we didn't have any of those things for a Jr. High either. They started the Jr. High in faith and God provided everything that they needed. Roger knows that God can do the same with a Christian High school.
Making blocks in Kpodzi

Unfortunately, the CWE construction team was not able to come this year as they planned to do. Thankfully, John Teusink and his crew is able to complete the projects, but they may not be finished before school starts this fall.

The Kpodzi school in Kpalime is receiving it's own elementary building after using it's Sunday school classrooms for several year. They've outgrown the crowded church facilities and are opening the new elementary school building in a great location just across the street from the church. Eventually, they plan to use the church's rooms again for a Jr. High school, which the Kpalime area certainly needs.

If you are interested in being apart of future construction projects in Togo just shoot me an email at or take a look at the other projects on our "Special Projects" tab.