Life in Togo

You may be wondering about our daily life in Togo:

Has Ebola changed our lives at all? No, there have been no cases of Ebola in Togo (nor in the surrounding countries Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso). Please continue to pray that it won't continue to spread, but also pray for those who are suffering from the disease.

Daylight hours?
We are very close to the equator so it gets dark before 7pm everyday, and because it is dark so early I think it's hard to stay up past 9pm. We usually go to bed at 10pm unless we are having a get-together with other missionaries. No alarm clock is necessary because our kids wake us up around sunrise everyday :-)

Our lunch one Friday: Fufu with chicken sauce, orange Fanta, and bananas
Clothing? A lot of the other men who live here wear khaki pants with an African shirt because the African style pants feersand look like pajama pants. I, on the other hand, think that if it's socially acceptable to wear pajama pants all day then count me in!

What kind of food do we eat? Well, I eat whatever I can find. I love the food here, and almost everything is fresh. We go through a lot of fresh bread and fruit every week at our house. We are American after all and sometimes we just get a hankering for a ham sandwich or pizza, but we try to use as many local ingredients as possible.

Transportation? We are still waiting for our vehicle to clear port.  There is no telling how much longer it might take.  Another vehicle that arrived a few weeks before ours is still being held in port.  For now we're taking taxis wherever we go.  I've ridden a Moto-taxi a few times, but since I don't have a helmet yet we're trying to stick to cars mostly.

Why are we in Togo? We are in Togo to spread the Good News about Jesus and make more disciples for him. We do this primarily by working with the pastors, school administrators, and teachers in the 14 Christian schools spread across the country.