Our first school visits!

 We have a truck!  We're so glad that everything was finally completed for us to pick up our truck this month.  This has allowed us more freedom to do what we came here to do!

This week we visited 4 local Christian schools run by Baptist churches.  Cyrus was happy to join the preschool class at the Kpegolonou school.  This school is very near our home and we'll be there regularly.

We distributed some materials for the classes and met a lot of teachers.  Impossible for us to remember all their names!

Andrew sat in a few classes to observe teachers.  There are so many kids per teacher, but they were pretty well behaved - probably because we were watching.  Not that our kids were distracting AT ALL.

Saw a lot of cute faces! 

Manny had fun playing with some kids during recess at the Zomayi school.  Since they don't understand each others language their play amounted to him pushing through them quickly making dinosaur noises.  They thought he was hilarious.
There are 9 other schools that we have to do with in Togo and we'll be observing teachers in those schools as well. We have a week-long trip planned for Lome pretty soon to visit the 5 schools down there.