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Jr. High Christmas Teacher Conference

Right after the Jr. High teachers broke for Christmas we hosted a 1-day training conference for them at our home. I started the day with a devotional in Philippians 1 were Paul talks about how he prays for them, then we all took turns praying for the Jr. High students following Paul’s example.

Next, Roger taught a lesson using Oswald Sanders’ Spiritual Leadership, which is available here in French thanks to Judy Bowen’s resource ministry. Then I followed-up with a lesson on the goal of discipline in a Christian school, which is a tough subject for us here in Togo. Then Christy Sopcisak tackled some practical teaching situations giving examples of how to introduce new material and how to respond when a student gives a wrong answer in class.

But Mary takes the cake, literally, because she made sure everything was ready for a meeting of 11 in our home including tables, chairs, snacks, drinks, lunch, and a fantastic cake for dessert.
A great time was had by all and we were able to provide …