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There is a saying in Kabiye...

There is a saying in Kabiye that roughly translated means, “if you have an abscess in an embarrassing place and are too ashamed to show the nurse then you will not be healed, you will die.”
Our Christian school teachers in Kara hold a special place in our hearts because they are 7 hours away from where we live while all the other teachers are 3 hours away or less; and some teachers are just 5 minutes down the road from our house. Additionally, the teachers in Kara live far away from the southern hospital and are little closer to the brand new hospital in the north. It is pretty difficult for them to get good medical care when they need it.
They were hesitant to ask for money to go to the hospital, but the school director told me the Kabiye saying and said that 2 of the teachers have medical problems that haven’t been taken care of for many months because of a lack of funds. We were able to give them $100 for transportation and medical bills. When we gave it to them, they were overflowi…