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Resurrection day in Kpalimé, Togo

We had a busy week preparing for Resurrection day here in Kpalimé. The week before, we bought a sheep to use for 2 Christian Passover dinners we were having at our home. On Wednesday Mr. Wakou slaughtered it for us while I was at a meeting in Lomé. As soon as I got back from Lomé that afternoon, I realized I was sick, starting with a massive head ache and nausea. Thursday, we had planned to host a large Christian Passover celebration with 3 Togolese families, but I was far too sick to handle it. So Mary hosted a smaller dinner with Afi and her children.
By Saturday, I was well enough to lead a meal where we invited our Togolese partner Roger, his family, many missionaries, and MKs. The kids told parts of the exodus story of how God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt. Then I talked about the lamb, unleavened bread, and the bitter herbs showing their relation to Christ; all the while asking the kids questions. Finally, I read I Cor. 5:7-8 and talked about how we ought to live and r…