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Meeting in Atakpamé

A few days ago I met the mayor of Atakpamé (one of the largest cities in Togo). He may give (or inexpensively sell) a city property to one of our schools. Please pray that it works out. The school we have down the road is already operating at max capacity in the church's Sunday school classrooms and has been looking for a way to expand for several years. And the city property already has large classrooms built! It would be a great new location.

I had a small speech prepared to give the mayor about our ministry and history of ABWE in Togo, but before I could start, he said that he used to live in Tsiko near our hospital so he was already familiar with our ministry. He wants us to start using the empty property before school starts in August! I think God has prepared this situation for us in advance.
Typically, things don’t move this quickly in Togo, but the pieces are coming together. I often feel overwhelmed by the land and building needs of our schools. We have over 3,000 students…

School Catalog - May 2015

You may recall (back in the deep recesses of last year’s memory) that we sent out a Christmas Catalog showing many different ways to support the Christian School ministry in Togo.  We praise the Lord that through the catalog the schools received over $3,000 to help meet the needs that we showed to you. We used those funds to purchase Bibles for the teachers, print curriculum, and train 2 teachers. 

A while back we visited the Kara school and I sat in to observe one of our teachers (John). The first thing he does every morning is to passionately teach a Bible lesson to the kids in his class. His kids listen intently as he is very animated and expressive in the way he teaches. Later that day he told me that his kids would like to “show” us the Bible lessons that they have learned. So the kids put on skits of multiple Bible stories for us. My favorite was Lazarus and the Rich Man, because the kid who played the rich man was very dramatic. For many of the kids who attend the Christian sch…