School Catalog - May 2015

You may recall (back in the deep recesses of last year’s memory) that we sent out a Christmas Catalog showing many different ways to support the Christian School ministry in Togo.  We praise the Lord that through the catalog the schools received over $3,000 to help meet the needs that we showed to you. We used those funds to purchase Bibles for the teachers, print curriculum, and train 2 teachers. 

A while back we visited the Kara school and I sat in to observe one of our teachers (John). The first thing he does every morning is to passionately teach a Bible lesson to the kids in his class. His kids listen intently as he is very animated and expressive in the way he teaches. Later that day he told me that his kids would like to “show” us the Bible lessons that they have learned. So the kids put on skits of multiple Bible stories for us. My favorite was Lazarus and the Rich Man, because the kid who played the rich man was very dramatic. For many of the kids who attend the Christian schools, their teacher is the only gospel witness in their life. There are several kids who come from Muslim or fetish families, but they learn much more than just how to pass their exams – they learn how to follow Jesus Christ. Thank you, everyone who prayed and gave! There are still many more areas where we would like to help the school ministry, but we are extremely grateful for everything we have received so far. We greatly appreciate all of you.

Linked below is a new Summer Catalog which shows some of the needs we have for next school year and beyond! Please pray about how God may use you to meet the needs here in Togo. And as always, if you have any questions or would like more information then feel free to send us an email at