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Chosen to serve an idol? A life changed to serve the one and only God

I recently spoke with a Togolese pastor who teaches at our Bible Institute and has been accepted to an online M.Div program in the States. He shared his testimony with us and I’d like to pass it along:

How did Jesus save me? I grew up in a non-Christian family. There was a fetish in our house and it was our god. Among many other children, when I was about 10 years old, the fetish chose me one night during a ceremony to become its servant. I agreed happily and was consecrated. Since then, my role was special; I became the number two after my father and was expected to replace my father in leading the worship for the fetish in the future. It is in that darkness that some people started talking about Christians’ God, but I trivialized it. As some people were saying that God will burn unbelievers in the fire, I was afraid and started making my mind. One person who influenced me much was my senior brother who was not yet a believer but was repeating to me what he heard from Christians in…

Togo Bible Institute

We’ve written some prayer letters since the last time we posted on here, but I’d like to fill you in on a few details that didn’t make it into the 1-page letters.

In July, we said goodbye to our friends and coworkers, the Gerharts. Jim was both our team leader and the workhorse for a lot of the administrative details that are necessary for a team of missionaries to minister effectively. No one person was in a position to take over all of Jim’s responsibilities, so they were broken up and shared among several of us. As a result, I was put in charge of our Leadership Training Team and Bible Institute for at least the time being.

It was always my intention to become more involved at the Bible Institute over time, but I needed to devote our first year in Togo to the Christian school ministry. Now that our first year is complete, I was planning to spend more time teaching and working at the BI under Jim’s leadership. But as we all know, our plans are often not the Lord’s plans.

The month…