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Christmas gifts to orphans at two churches

This is the second year where we've had the opportunity to give Christmas gifts to local orphans. This year we expanded upon what we did last year and included the kids at another church on the other side of town.

Manny and Cyrus came with me to give the gifts along with some members and deacons at the Kpalime church. We were also joined by two orphanage volunteers from Germany.

As we gave the gifts I explained that we are reminded to give to one another at this time of year because we remember greatest gift to us from God, His Son, Jesus.

2015 Christmas Catalog!

The Christmas Catalog for the Christian School ministry is now available!  Please check out how YOU can be a blessing to the schools this year!

 Christian School Christmas Catalog- 2015

Training Pastors in Lome

Last week I had the pleasure of organizing a pastoral training seminar for Dr. John Balmer of TPI (Training Pastors International). John taught Expository Preaching for the bulk of the seminar and also gave courses on Leadership and Walk Thru the OT.

I had the honor of sharing my Discipleship Guide with the pastors, which is designed as a tool to help them create disciple-makers within their churches. 
99 church leaders were able to attend at least portions of the seminar while 92 of them were able to complete the training.

Please pray that God would use seminars like this one to equip pastors and church planters throughout Togo.

Here are a few of the testimonies from the pastors:

I am a young pastor in northern Togo. I am 28 years old. First of all, I thank God for our lives. Your trip to Togo is a great blessing for me. Secondly, I promise you that I will start putting the appropriate time in studying the word of God. I am committing to not take verses out of their context. I will no…