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Adeta Christian High School for 2017

We have a tremendous opportunity to start a Christian high school in Adeta, Togo, but we need your help.

The Christian school in Adeta has been growing quickly because the community has seen the the high quality of education at our Elementary and Middle school. We’ve also seen an amazing spiritual impact among the teachers, students, and families of students through the teaching of the word of God and the making disciples.

It’s been amazing how God has brought many people together to accomplish the establishment of the high school. The local Togolese pastors and parents have been disiring to start a school for a while, but just recently a church in Virginia has commited to paying the operating costs for the first 3 years for the school to get started, and another ministry (CWE) has decided to build the new school building and pay for 3/4ths of the costs. That means only $10,000 remains needed to start the new Christian high school.

Please pray and consider contributing to this new p…