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3 months out

It's been 3 months since Alethia's birth.  Since then, I've mostly been a homebody, trying to get a handle on my new normal, but we did get the chance to visit the Kpalime schools to introduce her to the teachers.  Togolese baby girls have their ears pierced shortly after their birth, but Alethia's ears are untouched, so everyone thinks she's a boy.  I put her in purple and pink, but added a bow to help them figure it out since Togolese don't assign gender to color.
Aside from the earrings and all colors being neutral, I've noticed some other differences of mothering an infant between Togolese and American cultures.  Togolese wear their babies on their backs, while Americans usually just carry them in their arms or wear them in a wrap on their front.  Backwards.  My house-helper calls me special.  :-)  Then there are the diapers. Togolese babies don’t always wear them.Many babies here rarely wear them, actually. Not my cup of tea.

So life goes on, and mostly …