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Bible Curriculum

The purpose of the Christian school is to glorify God by sharing the good news and making disciples of Jesus Christ.  One of the ways we accomplish this is by teaching the Bible in the classes.  Here is one of the teachers of a "La Vrai Lumière," a school that started this year. He was so excited to share the lesson of the 10 plagues that he even brought a grasshopper to show the class!

With more schools starting every year, we want to keep providing this curriculum.  Will you help us?
We’ve been offered FREE space on a container coming out in a few weeks and would love to be able to provide the following Bible flashcards to the schools.  So we're giving YOU the opportunity to get involved in the teaching of the Bible to the Christian school students!Click on the links to view items on the A Beka website!

1st Grade-  CreationNeeded:  NONE JosephNeeded: NONE
2nd Grade -
Moses Series TwoNeeded: NONE
MosesSeries ThreeNeeded: NONE

4th Grade-  EstherNeeded: NONE

5th Grade-  The First Ch…