Sponsor a Student

We partner with 15 schools across Togo so that children will be able to hear the gospel in their classes.  These joy filled, adorable kids are just a few of the over 3,000 students who attend the Bible Baptist schools each year.

Unfortunately, the school fees (although minimal) exclude the poorest families from sending their children to our schools, but the desire is there because they know their children would receive a good education in a good environment.

Many other families enroll their kids, but struggle to make the payments, but the schools do not have the heart to turn these children away.  For several of the schools, this results in the inability to regularly pay teacher salaries.  We've brainstormed about how to help these teachers, but we do not want to create dependency by paying salaries.  They are employed by their schools which are run by the churches who have a responsibility to support their teachers.

So, as a way to allow more needy families to send their children to our schools and help cover the cost of students who's families are unable to make full payments, we'd like to invite you to sponsor a student.

The cost of enrollment differs at each school, from only $40 to $80 per school year!  

We introduced this idea at Christmastime and since then have received some funds to sponsor children this coming school year, but we'd like to grow this opportunity to share the gospel with non-Christian families by sponsoring their children.

Please feel free to contact us for more details or just click here to participate!