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February here and there

We miss being in Togo. We’re glad to be Stateside for a while, but it’s so cold. Can it please get warmer? We’re happy to be headed to Florida for the month of March.

Our partner Christy Sopcisak has kept us updated on how the Christian schools are doing. We’re thankful for her endless energy and enthusiasm for the school ministry. This past Sunday we learned that the Kindergarten teacher at La Lumière was baptized. The church does not have a baptism pool so they use a little water hole about half a mile from the church. The church walked together to the site, there were 5 women baptized, including Victoire.
The Village of Light School for the Blind has done some repairs on their campus since we’ve been gone. They’ve put a new roof on the girls’ dorm, replaced broken window screens and are looking at making repairs in our home before we return. When we left, the floor was chipping up in places and Alethia (who was crawling at the time) was putting the chipped pieces in her mout…