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Bible Curriculum

Last summer we asked for donations for Bible curriculum for the Christian schools.  We received several boxes of new Bible flashcards for the teachers to use as visuals.  We laminated them all so they will last as long as possible in the heat, humidity, and harmattan dust winds of our West African home of Togo.

When the schools were started, Bea Ward and her team of teacher-trainers worked grade by grade, starting with 1st grade.  And because 1st grade was the first to receive the Bible curriculum, theirs is the most used and in need of replacement.  With the opening of new schools and the constant use of old curriculum we're seeing the need to ship more out on a container to Togo this Summer.

Are you interested in helping us purchase more Bible Curriculum for the Christian schools?
Please email us at for the list of curriculum we need purchased or CLICK HERE to give to this project (please mark your gift for "Bible curriculum").

An April update: Rest between the roadtrips

Seems like time has been running in fast forward since we started the big road trip at the end of February.   We visited individual partners and 7 partnering churches and reconnected with lots of extended family in Florida.  We also got to have some fun along the way (an aquarium, zoo, Wycliffe center, manatee watching, swamp boating, and even got to spend a day in the Magic Kingdom).  We'll call them field trips, since not much other schoolwork was accomplished while we were on the road.  :-)
Since we've been back in Chattanooga our time has been consumed by packing tubs to ship to Togo. We're sending supplies for the Christian schools, laptops for local pastors, homeschool materials, and other various vital life sustaining items, like battery operated fans and contact lens solution.

Our partner, Christy, plugs away working with the Christian schools. One day as she observed classes, she heard the question of the day in 8th grade bible class: What good works are needed to g…