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May on the road

Another month gone by, another 1,700 miles traveled. This time we headed north to PA for a week long conference with other missionaries who are involved in pastoral training around the world. Andrew enjoyed collaborating with others who have a heart for pastoral training and was glad to have Germain Fayosseh join us from Togo for the meetings. Germain is a graduate of Liberty University and teaches courses at the Bible Institute in Togo.

God gives such good gifts. Despite the long hours in the van, we are so glad we got to see such wonderful friends along the way. One from Mary's childhood, some from our days at BJU and many whom we met on our journey to Togo. These old and new friends loved on us and encouraged us so well as we prepare to return to Togo. 

We also were able to visit a few churches who have a burden for missions. It was a blessing to worship with those church families and meet more brothers and sisters in Christ. We even met a woman who had worked in the Peace …