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New vehicles

Since our return to Togo in August, we've settled back into work and life here.  We've been able to get together a few times with our partners in the Christian school ministry.  While in the States we raised funds to provide them with new vehicles since their old motorcycles were at the point of dying.  Ewtonville Baptist Church, in Dunlap, TN graciously provided this funding, so that Roger was able to purchase a new motorcycle and Koudjodi put the money towards purchasing a car.

Since this week marks 4 years since we received our truck, I thought it appropriate to add it to this post as a praise to God for his faithful provision. 

"Four months of waiting have finally paid off! We're so thankful to finally have a reliable vehicle that we hope will serve us many years here in Togo." "Trying it out. Never had a vehicle that came with the plastic still on! NEW! Sooooo thankful!!!"

"Andrew's first drive through Lomé was a success!"

Settled in

How thankful we are that the Lord taught us how to pray! The past month has seen us praying for wisdom for major decisions at our mission hospital, praying for dear friends and family who face health complications, and praying for this, our 2nd term in Togo, to be honoring and glorifying to the Lord.  We’re only 2 months back in Togo, and yet feel pretty well settled in and back in the work. Andrew continues as the leader for our team of missionaries, working to provide counsel and direction to the ABWE ministries here.  This is in addition to his role in the Bible Institute program and Christian school ministry. But, we have lots of help- and a HUGE PRAISE!  Andrew’s parents, Harry & Bea Ward, are coming back to Togo! They have many years of missionary experience in Togo and now will be coming out of retirement for several months to assist in the hospital and Christian school ministries.  We’re all excited to see them in a few weeks!Another praise is that our boys get to particip…