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Peanut Butter, Privilege, and Provision

Recently, my wife asked me for 10,000 CFA (almost $20) to buy some homemade peanut butter in bulk from a Togolese friend. She doesn’t usually like to carry a lot of cash, so I took out my wallet and handed her the money like I’d done so many times in our 12-year marriage. I remember doing it without hesitation because, like everyone in our family, I like peanut butter. Later that day, I realized that we’ve never been in a position where we didn’t have grocery money to spend. I tried to imagine the grief, shame, embarrassment, and perhaps anger I might feel if, with other people watching, it had been revealed that I had no peanut butter money. That’s never happened to me, although it has happened to many people, including many fellow Christians. We’ve never had a large monthly income, but we’ve never missed a payment, bill, or lacked groceries. We’ve endured tight times when we didn’t think we had everything we needed. I remember working through grad school as a security guard for $8 a…