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Summer Plans

We were thrilled to have a Passover meal with the Bible Institute students over Easter weekend.  A visiting teacher, Steve Stairs, just finished a modular class on Hebrews, so it fit right into what they’d been learning that week.Andrew went over the meaning of the sacrificed lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs.  The students participated by reading passages and discussing how it connected to what they learned during the week and how it relates to the Lord's Table.
Andrew has done a lot of travelling while the kids and I have stayed home to homeschool.  Next week he will be taking a Togolese partner to the ABWE headquarters in Harrisburg, PA to attend a summit on theological education.  When he arrives back in Togo he’ll jump right into team teaching a course on the Church and Missions.We received some exciting news last month, that will allow us to conduct the teacher seminars we’ve been planning for the summer months.  Tyndale House has approved a grant of $18,000 for teache…