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5 years ago. . .

Today is June 9th. It was 5 years ago today that we arrived and started to call Togo "home."  Crazy how fast 5 years can go!

Looking back, there are places where we've seen God working.  We've participated in a lot of big ministry events during our time here, but we know that faithfulness in the everyday makes a stronger impact than big one-time events.  Because of the everyday:
  • Roger and Koudjodji are taking more and more responsibility for the Christian school ministry
  • Teachers slowly adapt the way they interact with their students
  • Christian curriculum is developed and adopted
  • New pastors receive training and plant churches
  • National partners are integrated into the running of the Bible Institute program
The kids are happy to have ALMOST finished Math. We're looking forward to meeting some MK teachers who want come out in the Fall.  Praying that God will provide their needed financial support and other details that need to fall into place.  One family needs to finalize an adoption before coming.
We've hosted many of visitors in our home over the last month.  Three different Bible Institute teachers from the States, local pastors, fellow missionaries, and Christian school teachers.  There's been a lot of meal prep, but a lot of wonderful fellowship, too.
Andrew had a good trip to ABWE headquarters for a Summit on Theological Education. He and Raphael were able to stay for two nights with some dear friends, the Whiddons.
Raphael is a Togolese pastor and partners with us in theological training in Lomé.  This was his first time to visit the States and it was cold.  :-)
Please pray for:
  • The 13 year old son of our househelper(Afi), Pierre fell and was unconscious for a few hours. Now he's struggling with some memory loss and head pain.
  • Planning and preparing for teacher seminars in July
  • Funding for the Togo Leadership Education fund which provides advanced theological education to local pastors GIVE HERE
  • The Blind School kitchen needs to be rebuilt this summer.  We're looking for people to join construction teams and come help - maybe you know someone? MORE INFO HERE
  • The daughter of our fellow missionaries, Arwen Mallay has stage 4 neuroblastoma. Praying for healing. LEARN MORE
  • Us! That we'll be encouraged in the work and be faithful in the everyday.