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3 months out

It's been 3 months since Alethia's birth.  Since then, I've mostly been a homebody, trying to get a handle on my new normal, but we did get the chance to visit the Kpalime schools to introduce her to the teachers.  Togolese baby girls have their ears pierced shortly after their birth, but Alethia's ears are untouched, so everyone thinks she's a boy.  I put her in purple and pink, but added a bow to help them figure it out since Togolese don't assign gender to color.
Aside from the earrings and all colors being neutral, I've noticed some other differences of mothering an infant between Togolese and American cultures.  Togolese wear their babies on their backs, while Americans usually just carry them in their arms or wear them in a wrap on their front.  Backwards.  My house-helper calls me special.  :-)  Then there are the diapers. Togolese babies don’t always wear them.Many babies here rarely wear them, actually. Not my cup of tea.

So life goes on, and mostly …

Adeta Christian High School for 2017

We have a tremendous opportunity to start a Christian high school in Adeta, Togo, but we need your help.

The Christian school in Adeta has been growing quickly because the community has seen the the high quality of education at our Elementary and Middle school. We’ve also seen an amazing spiritual impact among the teachers, students, and families of students through the teaching of the word of God and the making disciples.

It’s been amazing how God has brought many people together to accomplish the establishment of the high school. The local Togolese pastors and parents have been disiring to start a school for a while, but just recently a church in Virginia has commited to paying the operating costs for the first 3 years for the school to get started, and another ministry (CWE) has decided to build the new school building and pay for 3/4ths of the costs. That means only $10,000 remains needed to start the new Christian high school.

Please pray and consider contributing to this new p…

Library books find a home in Africa

I remember once when my mother gave me a book for my birthday. I cried. I thought that a book must have been the worst birthday gift a parent could possibly give to a child. What was she thinking?!

The book she gave me was “The Jolly Postman” by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. And I loved it. Today, I love books and I love reading more than almost anything else. I can think of no better gift than a good book. I have hundreds of books on my shelves, and my kids already have mountains of books even though they themselves are just beginning to learn how to read. They ask me to read to them every single day.

 My kids probably own more books today than most Togolese kids will read in their lifetime. Very few books are available to Togolese kids, and most of the good books are closely guarded and locked away because they are so valuable. It is very difficult for the teacher to help their students become proficient readers when there are so few French books available to them. Today we made a big s…

Happy New Year!

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